I am Dieudonné Zirhumanana BALIKE

Welcome to my website.

I am happy to have you here!

I am currently a Ph.D. student at the department of Mathematics and Applications 'Renato Caccioppoli' of the University of Naples 'Federico II' (UNINA), in Italy. I am doing my Ph.D. in a joint programme with the university of Limoges (Unilim, France) in the framework of the european projet M2ex  ITN of the MSCA programme. For this reason, I am also registered as Ph.D. student at the E2Lim Lab of the faculty of sciences technologies of the university of Limoges where I am currently settled.

My Ph.D. work is on Mathematical modeling of mobility and biophysical interactions of trace-metals in biofilms. This topic encompasses both mathematical modeling and good knowledge of chemical reactions. I am supervised by Prof. Luigi Frunzo and Dr. Maria Rosaria Mattei from UNINA and by Prof. Véronique Deluchat Antony from Unilim.